Federal Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician jobs

CareerStaff Rx is contracted with the federal government and we receive several federal Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician jobs. If you are a current/previous federal Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician (previous federal experience highly preferred) or you are looking for a great opportunity to work in premier pharmacies throughout the nation we would love to work with you.

Federal Pharmacy Jobs – settings:

Our Federal Pharmacy jobs are in many different settings:
  • Department of Defense
  • U.S. Military
  • Navy
  • U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Indian Health Service
  • Bureau of Prisons
  • Department of Immigration Services
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • And more

CareerStaff Rx Federal Benefits:

  • Work anywhere in the US with any state licensure
  • Excellent compensation and benefits
  • Paid living expenses
  • Tax-free travel stipends
  • Work in various settings
  • Long-term assignments

 Federal Pharmacy Jobs:

 Pharmacist Jobs Government


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ASHP – Great Conference

What a great conference! We really appreciate all the great people that came by our booth and took time out of the busy days to say hello.  CareerStaff ASHP Booth!

The conference was filled with great food, high energy, lots of music, and a love for pharmacy.

While the conference is a great way to connect, it flies by very quickly. It is important to us to stay in contact and help with any staffing needs you may have. A great way to stay connected with us and thousands of other pharmacy professionals is through our rapidly growing Linkedin Group http://linkd.in/PharmacistandPharmacyJobs

If you have any questions that you didn’t get to ask, you didn’t get a chance to meet us, or you would like to say hello please contact us.

Again thanks to everyone who made this conference great!

Call today: 1.800.766.0122

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Top 3 reasons pharmacies need to use recruiters

Here are the top 3 reasons that pharmacies need to use recruiters. Please add comments and let us know what you think. 

1. Time Saver:

Recruiters are specialized in finding the best talent. If your core business is running a pharmacy you have many other tasks that you need to focus on. You have customers you need to tend to, you have orders you need to place, billing issues, etc. In a situation like this it may be a great idea to contact a pharmacy specific recruiter like CareerStaff Rx for help. While having the best staff is extremely important it is not the main focus for pharmacies.

Examples of ways that time is saved:

CareerStaff Rx provides many services that help save you time.

  • Prescreen candidates
  • Run drug screens
  • Check references
  • Check qualifications
  • Source candidates

2.  Well Connected:

It is a recruiter’s job to develop relationships within their market each and every day. Recruiters see hundreds or even thousands of resumes each week and know your market very well. We know where people would be a good fit and where they would be a bad fit (equally as important).

 Hard to fill positions:

Recruiters are well equipped with recruiting tools and networks and can be especially valuable for those hard to fill positions. It you have a job that you haven’t had luck filling, don’t underestimate the power of a great recruiter.


CareerStaff Rx has several job postings nationwide and recruiters are aware when top-talent pharmacy professionals are seeking new opportunities.

3. Cost Effective

Anyone that has recruited new staff knows that it can take hours upon hours of work which can lead to results that don’t meet your criteria. Finding new and qualified talent is a job within a job and there is always an opportunity cost for your time and energy. While referral fees sometimes seem large, in the end you can save a lot of money, stress, and you can keep focused on your core business.

 Costs that often go overlooked:

  1. TIME
  2. Marketing costs
  3. Opportunity costs, focus goes astray
  4. Stress
  5. Level of quality
  6. Candidate doesn’t fit well within your organization (Oh no! You did all that work and your candidate didn’t work out for your organization. Hint: Temp to hire is a way to not let this happen to you.)


Provided by: CareerStaff Rx

Written by: Mike Rush

Join a network for Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians on Linkedin: http://linkd.in/PharmacistandPharmacyJobs


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Simple word of advice for Job Seekers

In the recruitment industry we see many different emails each and every day. Time management is crucial for success and we are forced to evaluate a lot of information on a snapshot basis. The simple word of advice, “If you are going to email a recruiter make sure you attach your resume.”

Example for a Pharmacist:

We receive several emails that say,”I live in XYZ and I’m looking for a Pharmacist position.” This leaves us with very little information. The important information that we are looking for is…

  1. Your location
  2. A brief snapshot of your skillset
  3. Your RESUME.

While this may seem like common knowledge, we do receive an overwhelming amount of emails that don’t include these basics.

We hope this helps your job search.


CareerStaff Rx

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