Finding the Job for You

As spring concludes and summer 2013 finds itself right around the corner, it is important to acknowledge the 1.8 million college graduates that will be entering the workforce this year. The class of 2013 finds itself in a unique position; they carry more debt than any other class before them and also face high discrimination by many employers unwilling to hire new graduates. The average graduate today leaves college with 26,600 dollars of debt. What is one to do after putting in four years of grueling work if one can’t find a job? Even if you have been in the workforce for several years, you may be finding you face challenges in the American job market today. Unemployment stands at 7.5% which numbers 11.7 million Americans, 4.4 million of whom have been unemployed long-term (more than 27 weeks). With numbers like that, it is difficult to stand out and attain the job you really want. This may mean you find yourself underemployed, working at a job for which you are overqualified.

At CareerStaff Rx we have found that improving your résumé can be a great place to start. Time spent reworking your previous experience to target the job for which you are applying will not only make you more competitive as a candidate but will help keep your résumé current and unique. Such work can also help focus in on the goals and expectations you have for your future. Your résumé gives a potential employer their first impression of you; this is especially the case as the hiring process becomes increasingly digitized. We have some tips for building the perfect résumé in order to make a great impression and obtain the job you need or the one you have been holding out for. Click the link below for tips from the experts to help find the right job for you. Enjoy the read!

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